Propulse BPM All Court Tennis Shoes

Brand: Babolat
The Propulse BPMs are a lighter, faster update to Babolat's flagship performance tennis shoes, the Propulse. A lower profile with added technology designed to make every step feel more natural had our playtesters flying around the court. The cushioning was soft and plush from the instant we took them out of the box until the final ball of the playtest was struck. However, the Propulse BPMs softened up a little too much over time, so our playtesters' feet slid around inside the shoes even when they tied the shoelaces very tightly. There was also an issue with the traction, which caused even more slipping and instability. While this version of the Propulse shoe doesn't have the same level of support and durability as previous versions, it's certainly the fastest. Lightly used, good condition.